Matei Millo Offices

Matei Millo Office Building is positioned in one of the most representative areas of Bucharest. It has an architecture inspired from that of 30’s New York buildings and reinterpreted in a modern manner.

Technical chart

Matei Millo, 1st District, Bucharest
Year of completion 2020
Eur 40 mil
15.000 sqm
Client: Forte Partners
Execution works: Heberger
Architecture + General designer/ PTh: Deco Architects
Architecture + General Designer/ Concept & DTAC: ADNBA
Project Team:
Lead Architect: arch. George Cristescu
Lead Specialty Architect: arch. Luciana Andreescu
Team Members: arch. Andrei Vlădescu, arch. Aniela Tipser, arch. Adelina Barbu, arch. Brent McDonnel, arch. Raluca Vîrtopeanu