From shop to mall in style and elegance!

Technical Chart

Focsani, Romania
Year of completion 2015
2 Mil euro
6.000 sqm
Client: Metex SA
Services provided: Architectural Design, Concept, 3D rendering
Project Team:
Lead Architect/ Lead Specialty Architect: arh. George Cristescu

We were at the mere beginning. Absolute beginners. We intuitively knew what we wanted but could not grasp it. We were searching for somebody to translate it into good design, to organise and supervise, to follow and to update the chosen strategy where and when need be it. George was our eyes and ears and, come to think about it, a better pare than ours. Thank you, George & Co! You made our journey a lot easier!”

– Maria Nitu, General Manager, Metex SA Focsani