Quartier du Nord

Contributing to the writing of the identity of a new neighbourhood, the guiding hypothesis of the project is to create an urban block capable of adapting to its direct context. The chosen location creates a continuous public and living space and a dialogue with the Northern business area.

Technical chart

Fabrica de Glucoza St. 6-8, Sector 2, Bucharest
Year of completion 2025
74.000 sqm
Execution works: CNO Techno
Services provided: General planning, Architectural Design, Building permit, Technical project and execution details, Technical site supervision, Specialties coordination, BIM (Building Information Modeling).
Concept: Deco Architects + collaboration with Nerd Architecture / arch. Valentin Ciobanu
Project Team:
Lead Architect: arch. George Cristescu
Lead Specialty Architect: arch. Sorina Vlaiescu
Team Members: arch. Andrei Vladescu, arch. Ozana Leoca, arch. Adelina Podlovschi, arch. Cristina Stroe