U-Center Offices

U-Center is located in the heart of Bucharest. It stands out through the architecture that connects the built environment with the natural environment through its green terraces but also through the landscaping and through the ground floor commercial spaces that are ment to revive the area.

Technical chart

Calea Serban Voda 206-218, Sector 4, Bucharest
Year of completion 2020
44.000 sqm
Client: Forte Partners
Execution: Bog ‘Art
Services provided: General planning, Architectural Design, Building permit, Technical project and execution details, Technical site supervision, Specialties coordination, BIM (Building Information Modeling).
Concept: Chapman Taylor/ Deco Architects/ ADNBA
Project Team:
Lead Architect: arch. George Cristescu
Lead Specialty Architect: arch. Sorina Vlaiescu, arch. Ana Golumbeanu
Team Members: arch. Andrei Vladescu, arch. Simona Antohe, arch. Raluca Virtopeanu