We treat the confidentiality of personal data with seriousness and responsibility, and their security represents a priority to us.

That’s why, we are committed to respect the new rules imposed by The European Statue nr.679/2016 called “The Statue” (completed through law 190/2018) regarding the processing of data with personal character and free circulation of this data.

Through the present policy we explain to you what personal data we are processing, how we collect them, how we use them and mostly, how we protect this data.

Also, we inform you of the rights from which you benefit and we guide you regarding their way of functioning.


SC DECO ARCHITECTS STUDIO SRL is a legal person from Romania.  Our headquarters in Bucharest, Intr. Pinului nr.25, bl.7, ap.15, 6th district 6, CIF RO18454379, J40/1489/2012.

The legal representative of the company is Mr.George Cristescu and may be contacted at Intr.Pinului, nr.25, bl.7, ap.15, 6th district, Bucharest and the e-mail address office@decoarchitects.ro

From The Statue EU 679/2016 point of view, SC DECO ARCHITECTS STUDIO SRL is a personal data operator and has Mr. Andrei Vladescu as the contact designated to review problems regarding the application of The Statue which can be contacted:

  • via email at gdpr@decoarchitects.ro
  • via post at the address: Bd.Nerva Traian nr.3, offices 1-3, 1st floor, 3rd district, Bucharest to THE PERSONAL DATA CONTACT.


We only use that information which is strictly necessary and relevant for our business and your consumer needs and we collect them through our site which is hosted and administered in Romania.

We get your data, as a result of your choice to reveal them to us voluntarily but also through automatic intake, the moment you access our page, as a result of using technology and specific IT programs.

Even though you can visit our site without you being needed to reveal your identity, you can provide us with your personal data directly when you use:


1.The contact form from the client relations service* where you can complete and provide us your identification data and contact so we can answer your enquiries.

*Available on the page: https://www.decoarchitects.ro/contact/

Collected data:

  • Name;
  • E-mail;

Information regarding your rights to personal data collected and processed through the site and their use, you can find in the corresponding section from the present confidentiality policy.

In case you do not agree to reveal this information, we will be unable to honor your request.

The automatic data intake is done through:

  • Cookie technology: cookie represents a fragment of information transmitted through the web page, saved by the browser on your hard disk of your computer and which we can access later. IT remembers statistic information necessary to a web page so it can personalize the navigation session (ex. By displaying some dynamic images with products of interest) like web pages previously visited, downloads, the used interned provider, country of origin of the site user.


The most used cookies are:

  • Technical: they are absolutely necessary to ensure the site’s efficiency from a technical point of view.
  • Functional: it remembers your choices and it helps us improve your navigation experience on out site.
  • Performance: it helps us measure the site’s performance by using information about how the visitors navigate the site.
  • Redirection: it helps us place public adds in other web pages that you use.
  • Social media plug-ins: to connect clients on different social-media channels.

We collect and process data provided by cookie technology only if you permit it.

  • Journal files from standard web servers, offer us statistical information regarding the number of visitors and permit us to evaluate the technical capacity of our page.

Through these we collect a few information regarding the IP address although these are not able to identify you directly, just to offer us statistical data regarding the page’s traffic.


Google Analytics:

Our internet page uses Google Analytics, a web analisys service made available by Google.Inc.(„Google”) which in it’s turn, uses cookies. The information generated by the cookie about it’s use of the site will be transmitted and stocked on the Google servers from the USA.

In case the anonymisation of the IP address is active, your IP will be shortened in the states members of the European Union or other third parties members of the European Economic Space. Only in exceptional cases, the whole IP address will be transmitted to a Google server from the USA and shortened there. The IP anonymisation is active for this site. Google will use this information in the name of the site’s operator for evaluation purposes of your use of the site, it will generate rapports about the site’s activity for web pages operators and will provide other services regarding the site’s activity and the internet’s use.

The IP address that your browser transmits will not be associated with other data obtained by Google. You can refuse the use of cookies by selecting the adequate settings of your browser, although in this case you may not be able to use all the site’s functionalities. You can also choose not to use Google Analytics in the future by downloading and installing Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Addon for your browsers: https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout?hl=en.

In order to agree or withdraw your approval regarding the automatic processing through programs or technologies above mentioned, set this option in the greeting message which you receive when you access the site / apply the adequate settings in your browser. For more details access our cookie policy.

In case you choose to navigate without these technologies of programs, some of the site’s functions or features will not be available.

If you will fill all the forms posted on the site and if you accept the integral use of programs and technologies for automatic intake, we will collect the following:

  • Identity data: name and surname, the name of the company you represent
  • Contact data: e-mail address, phone number, additional contracting and billing address
  • Data regarding commercial transactions: services and products bought from us, method of payment
  • Technical data: connection data, including IP, operating system and platform, browser identification, location, used technologies on the used devices to access the site
  • Usage data: of the website, of the products and our services
  • Marketing data: your preferences to receive information from us or any other third party


We collect information that contains personal or technical data mostly in order to:


1. To fulfill our contractual obligations that we have assumed to you (processing of registry applications for courses including providing customer service).

The basis for collecting is legal and necessary so as to sign a contract between you and our company.


2. Improving the quality of our services and your navigating experience on our site.

To accomplish this activity we focus on our legitimate interest to carry out commercial activities, but we are careful as to respect your rights and freedoms so we can offer you the easy possibility to unregister from using the programs and technologies that we use in the process of collecting and processing data.


3. Our infrastructure security reasons regarding hardware and software.

The basis for collecting and processing in this purpose is legal, respectively the obligation of guarding the goods and also based on our legitimate interest to protect our business.


In case you do not provide us with the solicited information it is very probable that you will not be able to use our site in normal parameters and also we will not be able to accept and process your application and we will not be able to provide all the needed information that you require.


Your data is used by SC DECO ARCHITECTS STUDIO SRL and we will never distribute your personal information to a third party with other purposes other than those described in the present Policy.


We can transmit your personal information to our trusted partners which are in a position to offer guarantees regarding the security and confidentiality of your data and which process the data only according to our instructions.

Our partners are generally third party service providers with which we collaborate and who activate in fields such as: IT services and maintenance, internal database hosting in the EU, behavioral analisys services (Google Analytics), accounting and fiscality, consulting and legal assistance, marketing, financing, publicity, payment processing, delivery or other services, public authorities.


The internet page and also the physical and online database that contain personal information are hosted/stored on servers secured in Romania.

Providing we will transfer certain personal data to some entities located in the European Union or outside the Union, including states which the European Committee did not recognize an adequate level of personal data protection, we will take measures to protect your rights and interests.

The transfers will be protected through contractual clauses or other guarantees such as certification schemes of which the Confidentiality Shield is part of also, for protection of personal data transferred from within the EU to the United States of America.


Although your data is collected online, a part of these are storaged also on paper (ex. Bills).

SC DECO ARCHITECTS STUDIO SRL is especially and constantly concerned with implementing certain efficient security measures intended to protect your personal data and to avoid security breaches.

Regardless of the method of storage, your data is kept in secure environments which benefits from access, usage, disclosure, modification or unauthorized destruction protection measures.

Also, we have implemented special measures regarding network security and data transfer, infrastructure audit and testing, trained personnel, data transfer outside of Romania, made only by entities which can ensure a similar protection etc.


In case we process your data , for the enforcement of some precontractual/contractual obligations we will storage data as long as it is necessary so as to enforce the contract and for an ulterior additional period.

In care we process your data by virtue of a legal obligation or in the public interest, we will storage the data as long as it is necessary so as to respect the legal obligations or for as long as the interest is judged as being of public usefulness.

In case we process your data so we can protect our legitimate business interests, we will storage the data until you will request that we stop with the exception for the case where we can demonstrate that the reason we collect and storage is priority towards our interests, rights and freedoms.

In case we process your data based your your explicit agreement, we will storage the data until you will request that we stop.

We stock personal data collected through the contact form for 6 months.


SC DECO ARCHITECTS STUDIO SRL doesn not use automation processes which can generate juridical effects which concern you or which can affect you in a significant manner.

You can ask anytime not to be the object of a decision based exclusively on automatic processing, if the decision produces juridical effects regarding you or it affects you in any similar way or in a significant manner.

You cannot benefit from this right if the taken decision as a consequence of automatic processing of data is necessary to us so we can close or conclude a contract or if permitted by law and there are adequate guarantees for your rights and freedoms.

If you have given us your consent regarding automatic processing and you later change your mind, you can withdraw anytime your consent by submitting a written application which you can submit using the mentioned data in the site’s contact section.


  1. The right to information – you have the right to know if your personal data are processed; what data is collected, from where they are obtained and why, by who they are processed, for what period and if these datas are the object of automatic processing so as to produce juridical effects or to affect you in a significant manner.
  2. The right to access – you have the right to access, for free and at reasonable time intervals, datas collected from you/about you. This includes your right to request and obtain a copy of the collected personal data.
  3. The right to update/rectification – you have the right to request the rectification or update of your personal data, which are inaccurate or incomplete.
  4. The right to delete – in case you have withdrawn your given consent, you oppose to data processing, processing if not according to the provisions of The Statue or is not necessary to accomplish the purposes in which the datas have been collected and processed, you can ask that your personal data is deleted from our registries.
  5. The right to restrict processing – in case certain conditions do not apply, you have the right to restrict processing of personal data.
  6. The right to opposition – in certain cases you have the right to oppose processing of your personal data, for example in case of direct marketing.
  7. The right to opposition regarding automatic processing – in case your personal data are undergoing automatic processing, including creating of profiles, which can produce juridical effects or can affect in a significant manner, you are entitled to request that we exclude you data from any individual automatic decision process.
  8. The right to data portability – you have the right to obtain your personal data in an adequate manner or, if it is possible through direct transfer from one processor to the other.
  9. The right for help from the supervising authority – you have the right to request the help of a supervising authority and the right to other means of attack, such as requesting compensation.
  10. The right to withdraw your consent – you have the right to withdraw your consent at any moment. The withdraw of your consent does not affect the legality of processing before the withdraw.
  11. The right to file a complaint – if you want to make a report regarding the method in which we process your personal data, we invite you to contact us:
  • via e-mail at the address gdpr@decoarchitects.ro
  • via post or currier at the address Br.Nerva Traian, nr.3, offices 1-3, 3rd district, Bucharest in the attention of THE PERSONAL DATA RESPONSIBLE PERSON .


We assure you that all the reports and complaints will be treated with seriousness, professionalism and full confidentiality.

If you are still not satisfied how we have answered your reports, you can address the authorities which have control over our activity as far as personal data in concerned.

In Romania, this authority is represented by The National Authority for and Personal Data Surveillance and Processing, whose contact information is:

  • Address Bd. G-ral. Gheorghe Magheru, nr.28-30, 1st district, postal code 010336, Bucharest, Romania
  • Phone number: +40.318.059.211 or +40.318.059.212;
  • E-mail: anspdcp@dataprotection.ro