Raiffeisen Bank

Complexity created through informed simplicity, 25.000 sq meters, daily transited by 2000 people, receiving natural light up to 14 hours/day.

Technical chart

Barbu Vacarescu St. 313, Sector 1, Bucharest
Year of completion 2013
25.000 sqm
Client: Raiffeisen Evolution
Execution works: Strabag
Services provided: General planning, Architectural Design, Concept, Building permit, Tender design, Technical project and execution details, Technical site supervision, Specialties coordination.
Project Team:
Lead Architect/ Lead Specialty Architect: arch. George Cristescu
Team Members: arch. Ioana Cian-Tarba, arch. Marius Danciu, arch. Ina Tudorovici, arch. Diana Lupu, arch. Ioana Popescu

When our office building is due to be built a few steps away from the SkyTower, you might crash into the common belief that it might be out of sight. Never happend. Simple and smart, noticeable, functional, it is, by far, one of the most appealing office buildings develloped by Raiffeisen Evolution. A landmark for the urban corporate landscape.

– Sigrun Steinberger, Project Manager, Raiffeisen Evolution Vienna