Daimler NAG3

Simplicity at its best, functionality with a twist, 75.000 sq meters daily transited by 2000 people, built in 12 months, beautifully highlighting the landmark of the automotive industry in Romania, the place where one of the most advanced premium technology is built.

Technical Chart

Augustin Bena St. 106, Sebes, Alba County
Year of completion 2015
75.000 sqm
Client: Daimler/Star Assembly
Execution works: Strabag
Services provided: General planning, Architectural design, Building permit, Technical project and execution details, Technical site supervision, Specialties coordination.
Project Team:
Lead Architect/ Lead Specialty Architect: arch. George Cristescu
Team Members: arch. Ozana Leocă, arch. Mihai Arion, arch. Ana Golumbeanu, arch. Adrian Anghel, arch. Ioana Neacşu

15.000 tons of steel and 30.000 cubic meters of concrete, 50.000 meters of cable, 75.000 sq meters – all built from scratch in 12 months. Efficiency and rigor. When you create one of the most reliable automatic gearbox in the world, you know how far this duo goes.

– Josef Schmuck, Romania Technical Area Manager, Strabag AG