The Mark

One of the top prestigious building offices in downtown Bucharest, covering over 50.000 sq meters.

Technical chart

Calea Grivitei 84-98, Sector 1, Bucharest
Year of completion 2019
50.000 sqm
Client: S Immo
Contractor: Strabag
Services provided: General planning, Architectural design, Building permit, Technical project and execution details, Technical site supervision, Specialties coordination, BIM (Building Information Modeling).
Concept: Chapman-Taylor
Project Team:
Lead Architect: arch. George Cristescu
Lead Specialty Architect: arch. Luciana Andreescu
Team Members: 
arch. Ozana Leoca, arch. Andrei Vladescu, arch. Aniela Tipser, arch. Gabriela Petica
Photo: © Vlad Patru

The MARK will stand at the crossroads of the most important boulevards in Bucharest. Located at the core of the business area, it is meant to reflect not only the aspirations of this city but at the same time the openness and the desire to grow and to develop. The MARK is set to be the landmark.